Bee Stemware

$ 34.00


Rich and refined glassware with smooth textures, dramatic lines, practical design, and a decorative motif taken from the golden age of France, the Bee Tumbler is a standard highball crafted in clear glass for easy incorporation into your tableware collection. Three-dimensional heraldic honeybees are spaced around the rim of the short tumbler to accent its smooth, tapered walls. 


A stemmed goblet with an unconventional yet exceedingly elegant twist, the beautifully-detailed Bee Footed Glass has a row of this beloved insect design molded in three dimensions around its rim. The glass, which is entirely clear and provided with turned details on its stem and foot, presents a jewel-like sparkle when filled with wine that emphasizes the beauty of the bees. 


Dotted with charming heraldic bees over its clear glass walls for a tasteful effect and a look of old-world charm that extends to your entire table, the Bee Pitcher keeps beverages available while offering a novel appeal. This pitcher's old-world heraldic bee is equally at home adding sweet and subtle class to a cheerful, casual arrangement or bringing personality to the flawless elegance of a formal setting.