Swedish Foliage Coverlet

$ 265.00

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Swedish designed. This cotton double cloth coverlet is a delicate design of interwoven vines and floral wreaths. Reminiscent of summer solstice frolics and floral crowns, or perhaps the foliage crown worn by Santa Lucia in the dark days of December, this coverlet reminds us of folklore year-round. 

Woven double cloth, by nature, is completely reversible. On one side of this coverlet the blue background is set at contrast with the white design, but flip it over and you have snowy white background set with blue foliage, reminiscent of a snowflake. 

Give to: a newlywed couple just beginning their journey of traditions. 

Give as: an ode to Swedish heritage. 

Give with: an Elsa Beskow story or a bouquet of flowers. 

100% Cotton. 230x250 cm. 

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