Brass Hangers

$ 6.50

There are so many different types of hangers out there. Most closets have a mismatch of hangers; thin bent metal ones from the dry cleaner, plastic, wood. etc. Good hangers are an investment; it's worth it when they last longer and look good. We love these brass hangers and let me tell you why. Brass doesn’t rust, so you never need to worry about it rubbing off onto your clothing. They have nicely curved ends, never stretching out the shoulders of your favorite sweaters.  Made all in one piece of sturdy brass, these are not going to break, no matter how heavy of an item you put on it. At home, we use these for clothing, but also for hanging extra quilts, blankets, and table cloth to keep them in pristine condition and ready to be spread on a bed or table when guests are coming. In addition to that, these hangers just look good.


Give to: yourself, a little bit of organization is always a treat.

Give as: a surprise for your wife, and a promise to hang your clothes up (truly, one of the best gifts)

Give with: a beautiful linen tablecloth, or the Swedish Foliage Quilt.

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