Hardwood Record Player

$ 530.00

We searched high and low to find a record player we could stand behind—one built to age well, both in design and sound quality. The Hardwood Record Player does just that. Its simple wood deck and clear platter direct focus to the music, with its audio specs make it one of the best in sound quality.

We like gifts that invite interaction, and record players invite so many opportunities for just that: from browsing the stacks at record stores together, to reminiscing about favorite musicians while you thumb through old vinyl collections, to all sitting around doing something we’ve almost forgotten how to do in these days of digitality: intentionally listening to music.


Solid hardwood plinth in either maple or walnut.

Features the award-winning Ortofon 2M Red cartridge and cue lever for easy tonearm operation.

Acrylic platter provides improved speed consistency and clearer, more detailed playback. External belt drive eliminates motor noise and ensures speed consistency (33/45 RPM).

Precision OA2 gimbal tonearm for accurate tracking and low distortion. Features internal anti-skate and adjustable counterweight.

Includes built-in preamp.

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