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Agate Firefly Lapel Pin

$ 130.00

A curious fashion trend from the Victorian era was an obsession with insects. Delicately-crafted dragonflies ornamented hairpins, bees dangled from earrings and necklaces, and butterflies bedecked brooches. In a very strange trend, women would even wear live beetles on their coat lapels, secured with a tiny leash and harness. 

This delicate firefly pin comes from the same era. Fireflies were an especially elegant accessory: women in this period would trap fireflies in the netting of their scarves and dresses to give their accoutrements more sparkle. Many Victorians believed that if a firefly made its way into your home, someone was going to soon die. Victorians were fond of mourning and memento jewelry; perhaps this piece held particular significance to the original owner, as a remembrance of a lost loved one.


Victorian era
Agate stone

Pin length measures 2 in
Stone measures 1 x 1.3 cm

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