White Hobnail Honey Pot

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Bees, beehives, and honey are connected with Utah not for the abundance of honeybees in our state but as a symbol of our pioneer heritage of hard work, cooperation, and, as our state motto says, of industry. Most people don’t realize that the beehive symbol found on the Utah flag and in other places throughout the state are not natural beehives. These are, in fact, skep, which are dome-shaped baskets made from coiled straw or grass that were once used to keep and raise bees. Some pioneers brought bees to Utah using skep.

This item is a classic hobnail jar for keeping honey. The wood dipper makes drizzling easy and less messy. 

Give to: your aunt who loves to put honey on her toast or sandwiches or to your mother, the ultimate dessert chef. 

Give with: honey, peanuts, cashews, M&M’s, trail mix, gumballs, licorice sticks, homemade cookies, or anything else you can think of that fits in the jar. You don’t have to put honey in it. 

Give as: an anniversary gift or as a gift to celebrate National Honey Bee Day.


3-3/4" Round x 5"H Dolomite Hobnail Style Honey Jar
Comes with Wood Honey Dipper

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