Wunderkammern Insects

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Literally, Wonder Cabinet.

Wunderkammerns started up in the early 1500s, when collectors would assemble curiosities from expeditions, voyages, and excursions into the natural world. They’d dedicate shelves, cabinets, or entire rooms to their “wonders,” showcasing everything from seashells, feathers, minerals to insects, horns, and animal skeletons.

Wonder cabinets extol the virtues of exploration, curiosity, and wonder. They align scientific learning with entertainment.

Our collection of wunderkammern insects are preserved between two plates of Plexiglas, framed in understated wood, so the marvel of the insect takes center stage. Specimens are collected by entomologists and other field experts and are sourced responsibly from tropical and subtropical insect farms.

AQUA GREEN WEEVIL - EUPHOLUS SCHOENHERRI: Originates in Indonesia. The bright color of these weevils prevent predators from devouring them; distasteful.

DEAD-LEAF MANTID - DEROPLATYS DESSICATA: Originates in Indonesia. Talk about playing dead to protect yourself from a predator. This little guy is the master of disguise.

WALKING LEAF INSECT - PHYLLIUM GIGANTEUM: Originates in Malaysia. This species is special not only for its amazing camouflage abilities but for the fact that almost all of the living species are female. Males are known to exist but as the females can reproduce alone it is not known what purpose they serve.

BULLET JEWEL BEETLE - STERNOCERA SP. Originates in Thailand. These insects live in and around wood. As such these amazing creatures have developed the ability to  smell burning wood from over 50 miles away.

BANDED JEWEL BEETLE - CHRYSOCHROA BUQUETI RUGICOLLIS: Originates in Thailand. These unique and beautiful insects possess a wonderful variety of colors in particular their wonderfully bright and sparkly upper body section.

AQUA GREEN WEEVIL - EUPHOLUS SCHOENHERRI: Originates in Indonesia. Belonging to the beetle family and because of the elongated portion of their head Weevils are often known as snout beetles.

IRIDESCENT BARK MANTIS - METALLYTICUS SPLENDIDUS: Originates in Southeast Asia. These little hunters have a short body and the most beautiful iridescent shimmer. 

GOLDEN SCARAB BEETLE - CHRYSINA: Originates in Central America. This is one of the most simply beautiful and sought after beetles in the world. The jewel scarab beetle's unique ability to reflect polarized light gives the insect its golden sheen.

MISTLETOE BEETLE - STEPHANORRHINA GUTTATA: Originates in Nigeria. Containing bright reds and greens this beetles Christmas themed color scheme earns it the Mistletoe name.


Measures 3.75" x 4.75" x 1.625".

Made of glass and wood.

Made in the Philippines.