Engraved Wood Family Proclamation, The Living Christ, Articles of Faith

$ 80.00

Three remarkable documents engraved on solid hickory, cherry, or maple.

The Family: A Proclamation to the World

This document is a treasure trove of truth about the family, our most vital social unit. It teaches us who we are, our purpose for life here on Earth, essential principles for happiness in family life, and so much more. 

The Living Christ

This beautiful and eloquently written document is a powerful testimony of Jesus Christ—who He is, what He accomplished, and how He can help us today. 

The Articles of Faith

This is a short but powerful summary of the beliefs and teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were originally written by the prophet Joseph Smith as a letter to an inquiring newspaper editor, John Wentworth, and were later canonized as scripture in the Church. 

Give to: your daughter, the newlywed, or to one of the most impactful gospel teachers you have had. 

Give with: a handwritten note.

Give as: a gift to instill these values into the lives of your grandchildren


Available in 9x14, 11x15, or 14x20.
Comes with hanging bracket installed on back.
Maple is a light wood, oak is a dark gray wood with red tones, and cherry is a redder wood often with strong grain lines.
Because of variations in wood, each piece will vary slightly in color and grain.


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