One Morning in Maine

$ 17.99

Sitting down with a Robert McCloskey picture book is like sitting down with an old friend.  Every child should experience a morning like little Sal did in McCloskey’s nostalgic telling of his daughter’s summer morning in Maine.  Waking up, Sal discovers her first loose tooth,

“Oh dear, this cannot be true!”  Of course, Sal thinks this will now keep her from going on an adventure with her dad to Buck’s Harbor.  After finding her dad digging clams down by the shore, she wiggles her tooth for him and asks whether clams, loons, gulls,or seals have teeth. As they continue digging in the mud, Sal exclaims,”It’s gone! Some clam will find my tooth and get what I wished for!” Before she has time to worry though, dad, Sal, and baby sister are in the rowboat and off to buy milk and supplies at Buck’s Harbor across the way.  McCloskey’s ability to transform an unexpected moment in time into a memorable event is his gift to readers.  His beautiful illustrations showcase his artwork, and each scene is full of detail whether he is sketching a chenille bedspread, the nuts and bolts in the repair shop, or the serene lakeside shore. Check out page 58-59 where baby sister spies the cat under the bench or page 60 as Sal gets her reward (and baby sister drops the spark plug).

Note: This picture book received the Caldecott Honor Award


I understand you just lost a tooth! That is exciting!  Here is a new book for you.  This little girl just lost her tooth too---but she really, really lost it!  Hope you like this story. Love you lots.



Gift with: a little box for first lost tooth, carton of ice cream, spark plug for a little boy, or clam shells.

Gift to: little ones who lose a tooth, anyone who has dug for clams, neighbor from Maine, or a family vacationing on the East Coast.

Occasion: losing a tooth, summer vacation, first trip in a rowboat, or a trip to Maine.

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