Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

$ 64.00

Puzzles are one of those things that bring people together. They engage the mind as you try to fit the pieces together to create something more, and its fun for a group. We love the puzzles from Wentworth, a UK based company. These unique wooden jigsaw puzzles feature a variety of fine art designs. These puzzles are challenging with the unique piece shapes, so don't be fooled thinking that 250 pieces is too easy! 
  • Packed full of unique themed whimsy shaped pieces for an entertaining experience.
  • Challenging irregular pieces for added fun and intrigue
  • Made from sustainably sourced wood and gift packaging materials
  • Precision laser cutting ensures intricate puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly
  • each puzzle has finished dimensions of 360mm x 250mm, 250 pieces.
  • puzzle comes in a box with a cloth bag for pieces

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