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Arnold Friberg
2,000 Stripling Warriors

$ 25.00

Arnold Friberg is well known for the heavily muscled characters he depicts in many of his works. Rather than using halos to depict holiness, Friberg explained that “the muscularity in my paintings is only an expression of the spirit within [the characters]”, and in this regard, Two Thousand Stripling Warriors depicts immense spiritual strength. Perhaps it teaches that, like our physical body, our spiritual muscles must be exercised, and when we are united with others doing the same and follow our leaders, we become a powerful force for good in this world. 

Give to: that young man you know who could use a spiritual boost or to your son who is leaving home soon.

Give with: a set of dumbells and a set of scriptures. 

Give as: a gift to help with your wife’s upcoming talk or lesson or as decor for your son’s new apartment.


Giclee print on canvas, available in multiple sizes. Sizes reflect print area and not total canvas size.

Available in 5x7 or 7x10 

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