Observer's Notebooks

$ 18.95


A favorite companion for journeys far and near, and all your everyday observations.

I first bought an Observer's Notebook to take on my favorite nearby waterfall trail. The pages are peppered with diagrams and charts of the natural world, and I thought this would be a way to inspire me to write while on the trail. Soon I found a reason to buy all six versions: the tree notebook to use for notes about my family tree, the home notebook to sketch plans and dreams for my future house, and the butterfly notebook to record personal transformations as I chase goals.

Accented with charts of cloud formations, cross-sections of tree trunks, and diagrams of the night sky, the blank pages of these journals stand ready for sketchings, musings, and observations. The clothbound hardcovers keep the pages safe and wear well with exposure, taking on the rain, dust, and marks of your excursions.

Each journal contains 160 lined pages (in 8 different line patterns), 8 inspiring graphics interspersed throughout, and an observation log at the back.


with recipe forms, jar labels, and equivalency charts, as well as guides for chopping and stacking firewood, canning fruits, and caring for houseplants.

Give to: a soon-to-be bride, a couple about to purchase their first home, or a homebody who loves cozy evenings in the great indoors

Give as: a simple housewarming gift
Give with: Our Daily Bread platter, measuring cup set, French glass salt cellar


with charts of common forest trees, a cross-section for reading the rings of a tree, and guides for leaf shape and vein pattern.

Give as: a notebook for family history research (your family tree)
Give with: a woodcarving kit, flower press


with star charts for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, diagrams of the solar system, and a lunar cycle tracker in the back.

Give to: a friend setting out on a long journey
Give with: Planisphere, a blanket for stargazing


with guides to identifying butterfly types, maps of native lands, and diagrams of the butterfly life cycle.

Give to: a friend going through a transformational period
Give with: binoculars, fresh flowers, Wunderkammern insects, a botanical necklace


with a cloud atlas, anatomies of rainbows and tornadoes, and a snowflake typology.

Give as: a trail companion for the deep-thinking hiker in your life


with a chart of silhouettes of birds in flight and a map of migration paths.

Give to: a bird-lover, singer of songs, or free-flying friend
Give with: a birdcall



Measures 7.25" x 9.25".