Brass Plant Mister

$ 30.00

Some plants cannot survive in arid lands, and need a bit of extra moisture when gathered from their natural environment. Plant misters were popularized in England during the 19th century as bringing plants and nature into the home became a common practice among the upper echelons of society. Especially as plants were brought from all over the vast British Empire and as botanical societies developed throughout Europe, many exotic plants needed to adjust to different growing conditions.  Used to keep exotic and hydrophilic plants wet, this brass plant mister will develop a patina over time. The natural aging of brass can be reduced by using a brass polishing cloth or brass polish, or you can leave it to antique for generations to come. 

Give to: the plant lover in your life. 

Give as: a reminder that growth requires a bit of effort.

Give with: the LED growhouse or with a pouch of seeds to start the journey. 

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