A Treasury Of Wintertime Tales

$ 39.99

This treasury curated and compiled by Noel Daniel is timeless in every sense.  Each of the 13 tales from around the world are paired with their original art. The stories themselves are the real treasure: read your way from well-known tales like "The Friendly Beasts" and "The Night Before Christmas" to folktales from around the world like "Moy Moy," "The Red Horse" and "Children of the Northlights." The stories are intended to dazzle the imagination and bring a global sense of the season with all its varied richness and warmth.

Wintertime Tales is an heirloom in its technical sense (hardbound, vibrant illustrations, and richness of text) but we've found that adding ornaments to our annual reading gives it real staying power. Because the stories are so distinct, we have collected an ornament to go with each one. Keeping the ornaments in a box, we unwrap one ornament nightly, add it to our tree, and read the corresponding story. You could easily create this tradition from ornaments you already have, start creating your own collection, or take home the ornament collection we've put together.

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