Yogurt Pot

$ 18.00

We are so excited to be collaborating with local pottery studio Villa Ceramics to create these beautiful yogurt pots, inspired by vintage French yogurt pots. These new designs feature a warm beige matte glaze. Perfect to store and serve yogurt, parfaits, and a variety of other food stuffs. They can serve in creative, non-food related ways as well. A few ideas of how to invite these little pots in your home are: 

Candles: You can simply put a tealight in the bottom of the pot or you can make your own wax from beeswax and rosin. Essential oils can also add to your candle.

Mini vase: Collect your favorite wildflowers or blossoms from around your home. The closest grocery store may also provide tiny flowers such as Baby’s Breath for your purposes. Trim the flowers to the perfect length for these little pots. Add some water and scatter these bursts of fragrance and color around your home. 

Bath salts: Pour your favorite bath salts into these pots. They can easily be reused because they do not collect odors and are durable through the humidity and water of your showers. 

Paints: These pots are the perfect size for holding paints. Durable and easy to clean, these mini crocks will see you through your painting journeys. 


Measure 3" x 2"

Made of clay

Handmade in Utah, USA