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"This Is..." America

$ 120.00

Miroslav Sasek shines in this collection of children's travel guides to the big cities of America. Each features true facts about the city, as well as delightful watercolors of their folks, food, and fame. Walk beneath blossoming cherry trees in This is Washington DC, stop for some crab at Fisherman's Wharf in This is San Francisco, and board a Cape Canaveral rocket in This is the Way to the Moon.

A wonderful way for young minds to get to know the sights and feels of our great country.

Includes 6 books, one mailed each month. Price includes a book subscription discount, as well as all shipping costs. We will contact you upon purchase to get shipping address information.

Give to: children who are bright-eyed and curious about other cities; grandparents whose goal is to travel the country visiting grandkids

Give as: a consolation gift to your spouse in a stretch of years when you aren't able to travel; a graduation gift to one about to move away from home

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