Reading Subscription
Books that Teach Virtues

$ 124.00

Some of the most poignant lessons to young minds come from the stories they read. This subscription includes some of our favorite books for teaching virtues. Readers will experience courage as they fight a dragon with Saint George. They will enjoy the richness of a life spent beautifying the world with Miss Rumphius. They will read stories of endurance, conservation, kindness, and practicality, all in the pages of some of the most beautifully illustrated books.

Choose between a 6 or 12 month subscription. One book is mailed each month. Price includes a book subscription discount, as well as all shipping costs. We will contact you upon purchase to get shipping address information.

Give to: seasoned grandparents to congratulate them on another grandchild, young parents starting their children's book collection, a child passing an important milemarker (baptism, elementary school graduation, etc.)

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