Trump Card Games

$ 9.99


Trump card games are simple and educational. In a game between two players, each hold half of the deck of cards. Each player takes a chance to see how many cards they can win off of the other person by logically choosing a trump category.

Game play is simple, but it comes with the sheer joy of learning by using comparative items.

Lord of the Wings: comparing different birds based on wingspan, lifespan, longest joyney, size of clutch, etc.

GOAL!: compare some of soccer's greatest players from the last 50 years as you discover their goals, trophies, caps, tactics, etc.

Sharks Top Score: compare breeds of sharks so that you know which one is faster, and which one is more dangerous, just in case.

Battle of the Bikes: compare styles of bikes to understand what the right terrain is, which is faster, which is more expensive, and even which has the highest crash survival rate.

Once Upon A Time...: compare your favorite fairy tale characters in a comedic way to see which one is the bravest, most mischievous, etc.


Measures 3" x 0.75" x 4.25".

Made of paper.