Arnold Friberg
Christ Appears in America

$ 13.50

Jesus Christ is the focal point of this beautifully symbolic painting—every eye, including ours, is drawn to the glorious resurrected Lord.  Amid the fallen stones, the torn earth, the barren tree, the overcast sky, and other signs of destruction, this living beacon of hope and light descends from heaven with lovingly open arms, inviting all to come to Him and be healed. 

Give to: your grandmother, the gospel scholar, or your sister, who always seems to have a light about her. 

Give with: a small print of The Living Christ or your own handwritten testimony. 

Give as: a thank you gift for your father, mother, neighbor, or for anyone else that has helped you come unto Christ.


Giclee print on canvas, available in multiple sizes. Sizes reflect print area and not total canvas size.

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